3 Steps to a Happy, Healthy Heart

3 Steps to a Happy, Healthy Heart

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Cardiovascular disease is the cause of over a quarter of all deaths in the UK and costs the NHS £19billion per year. Sorry to start on a down note but I’m just presenting the facts! Last week DSM, the world’s leading sustainable provider of algae based Omega-3 (we’ll come on to that in a minute) released their findings from a survey of 1,000 Brits and I went along to the press launch to find out how healthy our hearts are.

The event was a rather fancy affair at the 5* Langham Hotel in central London, with Dr Hillary Jones and Anna Williamson presenting the report while we drank champagne and nibbled on Omega-3 canapés (much tastier than they sound).

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The report had a few shocking eye openers, for example, the fact that 68% of over 35s are more concerned about their appearance than their heart, and I’m sure that figure rises if you look at a younger age range. But heart health is something we should all be mindful of as soon as we reach an age where we are in charge of our own diet. So I’ve put together a few simple tricks to a healthier, happier heart.
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1. Oil it up. We all know we should eat oily fish to get Omega-3 and other fun nutrients but many of us just don’t do it. Some don’t know what fish counts as ‘oily’, some just don’t care. Eating oily fish is just as important to a balanced diet as your 5-a-day but over half of survey respondents said that eating a healthy diet was ‘unrealistic’ and that they found it difficult to have the recommended weekly portion of oily fish. I, for one, am terrible at this. I probably eat 1 portion of fish every fortnight rather than 2-3 per week! And I was gutted to learn that tinned tuna doesn’t count, as it has no Omega-3 🙁 So, I’m going to start having oily fish (tuna fillet, salmon, mackerel, sardines) at least twice a week and then up it to three times a week once I get into the habit. Are you in?

2. Cheat. Embrace the supplements! They are a great way to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs, especially if you’re lax with your diet. If you’re a vegetarian – good news! Remember that algae I was talking about earlier? It turns out that fish actually get their Omega-3 from eating algae, so if you don’t eat fish (or even if you do) you can get yours straight from the source. I’m not suggesting you go down to your local pond and fish out (hehe) some algae. DSM have done all the work for you, creating vegetarian, algae based, fish free Omega-3 supplements – life’sOMEGA and life’sDHA. Both are available online and in most supplement stockists, including Boots.

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3. Act now! Dr Hillary noted that many people start changing their diet and taking supplements only after a problem arises. Don’t wait around for that to happen! Us young’uns have an advantage in that, amending our diet now can prevent serious problems in the future. Waiting until the problems have begun and then trying to fix them is not a good strategy. A strong offence is the only defence you need, right? So, let’s get started now. Be mindful of how you treat your body – you only get one.
Find out more at www.lifesdha.comDo you have any tips for a healthier heart? I’d like to hear them in the comments!