#WorkoutWednesday: One True Grit

#WorkoutWednesday: One True Grit

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This weekend myself and some colleagues decided to raise some money for charity by putting our lives (and our sanity) on the line. I am, of course, talking about One True Grit – a wimp’s version of Tough Mudder…or is it? Here’s the verdict.

1. Barely broke a sweat
2. Too out of breath to sing along
3. In the zone!
4. Couldn’t move the next day

It scores a 3 – the course was 10k and had 25 obstacles. At least a third of these involved unreasonably cold mud water. There was not a stretch of more than .5k of running at any one time so that part wasn’t hard. The obstacles varied but some were pretty damn tough! Though, with queues for most obstacles, there were a few sneaky breaks! Stand out obstacles were:

– Gladiator hoops. I always wanted to do this challenge when watching The Gladiators and I finally got my chance! I failed epically, falling into the mud water having barely scraped the second hoop.
– Monkey bars. As above, just with bars instead of hoops.
– Mud slide. Have you ever tried running up a near vertical slope when the surface is all mud and stone? It hurts.
monkey bars
Half the fun is not knowing what obstacles there are so I won’t give too much away but there are plenty more to look forward to!

Fun Factor:
1. I would rather be in bed
2. Glad I tried it once
3. Such fun!
4. Sign me up now

One True Grit is a 4! Despite the weather conditions (who knew that, when joined by its good friend wind, rain could be so lethal?!), the excess mud and the below freezing water (yes, I know that would just be ice but I’m being a drama queen), the course was actually really fun. It was a good challenge and great for team building – once you’ve supported each other through this you can do anything!
one true fritters
The Fine Print
One True Grit takes place 3 times a year across 3 locations in the UK; Hertfordshire, East Anglia and Yorkshire. It costs from £35 to £53 depending on how early you enter and whether you are an individual or in a team, and there is no expectation that you will raise money for charity- you can just do it for fun. There are 5k and 10k options and obstacles can be skipped so if you are claustrophobic/scared of heights/need to man up, there’s no pressure.

Final Word
So, is this a wimp’s Tough Mudder? Yes and No. It is definitely tough in terms of the obstacles and the constant running through mud (and I mean nearly-lose-a-trainer-every-time-you-lift-a-foot mud) but the ‘short’ length of 10k compared to Tough Mudder’s never ending track is much more appealing. I would absolutely recommend this event, it was great fun! And because of the leniency with obstacles I would say that even if you don’t think you can do it, give it a try – you’ll have such a sense of accomplishment at the end (helped by the medal and t-shirt).

We completed this challenge in aid of The Carers Trust – if you would like to donate, please click here.

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