5 Podcasts for your Commute

5 Podcasts for your Commute

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About a year back, I asked readers what you do to make your daily commute more bearable. You shared the usual answers like getting stuck into a good book or getting lost in music, and only a few people said they listened to podcasts. Back then, I had only ever listened to one podcast – Serial, obvs – but lately I’ve really started to get into them. Now I listen to a range of podcasts on my daily commute, and I thought I’d share the list for anyone who is only just venturing into the world of podcasts or just wants some suggestions of new ones to listen to.

working girl london this american life
1. This American Life. Thank you Serial for introducing me to your big brother hosted by Ira Glass, who possibly has the most relaxing voice ever. This podcast tackles a series of issues and factors that are all part of being an American – and, yes, I do realise that I am not an American – but most topics are relevant wherever you are in the world. One of the best things about this podcast is how perfectly they pair music with the stories 🎵

working girl london badass and bare

2. Badass & Bare. This is a relatively new podcast started by Katie and Angela, two entrepreneurs and friends. They interview women who they believe are badass – everyone from each other to health coach Caitlin Padgett. It’s a fun podcast as you can hear how much they enjoy making it – there’s lots of giggling and ‘guuuurl‘s. Disclaimer: not that I’m one to talk, but the hosts have super high pitched, super American voices which did put me off a bit at first (sorry girls!) but actually once you get past that it’s all part of the fun – don’t be a cynic like me!

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3. TED. If you don’t know what TED talks are, you have obviously been living in a cave somewhere, and you most certainly haven’t been power posing in that cave. The TED podcast allows you to listen to the talks without the visuals, which works just fine for some talks but in others you do feel like you’re missing something significant. As with the videos, TED talks offer a great burst of motivation, perfect for your morning commute.

working girl london generation why

4. The Generation Why. This is officially my favourite podcast. Justin and Aaron are two regular guys but they’ve been running this podcast for years. They delve into murder mysteries, conspiracy theories, crimes both solved and unsolved – and they do it all with a serious amount of knowledge complimented by a good dose of humour. Again, their chemistry adds a lot to the podcast, I feel like I know them! And for anyone who hasn’t completely forgotten about Steven Avery already, you should listen to their 2 episode special…

working girl london ctrl alt del
5. Ctrl Alt Delete. This is kiiiinda like the British version of Badass & Bare. Blogger and writer extroadinaire, Emma Gannon, has recently turned her talents to podcasting. I have only listened to a few episodes but I’m already sold! Emma interviews other awesome women and, at around 30 minutes per episode, this is a good’un for those of you with a shorter commute.

What other podcasts would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!