Girl’s Gotta Eat: Hip Hop Brunch

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Hip Hop Brunch

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I love brunch. I love hip hop. And I love surprises. So how could I say no to an invitation to Hip Hop Brunch? Exactly…I couldn’t. Here’s the verdict.

What is it?
Hip Hop Brunch is exactly what it sounds like. A boozy brunch with a DJ playing hip hop songs old and new, followed by a club style party and Hip Hop Karaoke. Each brunch is at a secret location which is disclosed to ticket holders a few days before the event.

The Food
We arrived at 12noon hungry and eager, in anticipation of food arriving around half 12. We didn’t get our starter until half 1 which was really disappointing – it was more like a late lunch than a brunch. Hip Hop Brunch usually keeps their food in theme with the whole event, serving up 3 courses of soul food. However, on the event I went to, they tried out something different and went down the fine dining route instead. The food was prepared by the venue, Wringer & Mangle, and consisted of a sharing platter starter, Spring Braised Lamb main and Baked Blueberry Cheesecake dessert. The starter included Potato, Mint and Feta Pancakes, Salt Fish Fritters and Smoked Chicken Quesadilla.

hip hop brunch starter
The whole platter was good but the salt fish fritter was amazing! The lamb main was real good too 😍 Moroccan spiced lamb with pearl barley – not hip hop at all but it tasted amazing, and the portion sizes were generous which is always good!

hip hop brunch braised lamb
The blueberry cheesecake was super creamy and the compote wasn’t too sweet. Overall, the food was good but we were left hungry for quite a while and I would’ve preferred food that fit with the theme. That said, I can’t fault the quality and flavour of the food!

hip hop brunch blueberry cheesecake
The Drink
Hip Hop Brunch runs from 12 to 5, and tickets include bottomless cocktails from 12 to 1. Most bottomless brunches include drinks for 2 hours but as this brunch is quite a big event, it’s inderstandable that they only offer them for 1. The cocktails were tasty but didn’t seem to have much punch to them.

hip hop brunch cocktails
I had about five of them and didn’t feel like I’d had anything to drink! After the hour was over, we bought our own drinks and they were pretty reasonably priced. Hip Hop Brunch had also arranged a few exclusive discounts which was a nice touch. While the drinks were tasty I was a bit disappointed about the potency – but then again, at a 6 hour event weak drinks is probably wise!

The Atmosphere
This is where Hip Hop Brunch really shines. As we entered the venue, the DJ was already spinning some absolute bangers. People were dancing and singing along – everyone was in a great mood. There was a real buzz that only good music can create, and it lasted for the whole event. During bottomless drinks and food, the DJ kept spirits high with banger after banger, and encouraged sign ups for Hip Hop Karaoke taking place later that afternoon. Once we were done with food, we transitioned to the basement to continue the festivities. It was quite strange being in a club at 3pm but the music was banging, the drinks were flowing and everyone was dancing, so we soon got over it!

hip hop brunch london
Every 15 minutes or so the DJ invited a contestant to show off their skills with Hip Hop Karaoke, which was such a laugh! I, of course, gave it a go…the less said about that the better. Though I have provided a snippet for your amusement over on my Instagram 🙈

The Fine Print
Hip Hop Brunch is on every weekend, popping up in locations around London. Tickets are £40 which includes entry, a 3 course meal, bottomless cocktails for 1 hour, and Hip Hop Karaoke. It is a bit more expensive than some other bottomless brunches but if you think of it as the whole event and not just a meal, it’s well worth the extra expense.

hip hop brunch karaoke
Final Word
While the timing and style of the food was disappointing, Hip Hop Brunch is undoubtedly the most fun I have had at a bottomless brunch so far. Combining a boozy brunch, daytime party and the best in hip hop music is an absolutely genius idea – hats off to Carmella for bringing her idea to life!

The scores are in 🙂

Food 4/5
Drink 3/5
Atmosphere 5/5
Value 5/5    @HipHopBrunch    Facebook    Instagram