Girl’s Gotta Eat: Jones & Sons Bottomless Brunch

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Jones & Sons Bottomless Brunch

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Jones & Sons has just launched their summer bottomless brunch menu! They invited me to come and give it a try so I dragged the boyf along for his expert opinion ;). Here’s the verdict.

The Food
The bottomless brunch menu is only one course but has quite a bit of variety. We went for the avocado toast with bacon and pancakes with berries and bacon. The food didn’t take too long but also didn’t come out so quickly that you’re sure they should serve it saying ‘and here’s one I made earlier’. The kitchen is open so you can see the chefs working away, which I always find quite comforting! The presentation was lovely – many an insta photo was uploaded. Once we started actually eating the food instead of snapping it, we were both pleasantly surprised. Neither of us finished the toast (it was a bit too crusty for me) however, you can never go wrong with a bacon and avocado combo. And the pancakes were just perfect. They were light and fluffy, not at all oily, and they didn’t have any sweetener in them so that it didn’t become sickly with the maple syrup. The fresh berries and bacon were the perfect complement to the pancakes. When we go back, I have a feeling the order will be pancakes x 2. Though we did get massive food envy when we spied the couple next to us having the Full English!

The Drink
The bottomless choices are Bellini, Buck’s Fizz, Prosecco and Bloody Mary (eww). I went for Bellini and bf had Buck’s Fizz. The drinks were nice and bottomless does really mean bottomless. My only criticism is that you have to call a waiter/waitress over every time you want a refill. At other bottomless places I’ve been to, you’ve barely put your glass down before someone swoops on you to ask ‘Another madam?’ to which the answer is always yes. However, this is a very minor inconvenience!

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The Atmosphere
Jones & Sons is off the beaten track, down a side road on Dalston. Unless you live in the area, you’re very unlikely to stumble upon it. As a result it’s pretty quiet which makes a nice change. Usually, anywhere that has a bottomless brunch is full to the brim and you feel like you’re being herded out after 2 hours. This is much more relaxed and an enviromnent where you can actually hear each other speak! The staff are friendly, the restaurant has a cool vibe, and there is some outdoor seating so you can soak up the sun.

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The Fine Print
Jones & Sons is a short walk from Dalston Kingsland or Dalston Junction. There is also a Jones at Trip Kitchen & Bar in Haggerston. The bottomless brunch is £27 for one course and an unlimited alcoholic drink and £20 for the same with a soft drink, and is served on Saturdays from 11am-4pm and Sundays from 11am-1pm. They also have a regular brunch menu with reasonable prices. Even though it’s not super busy, I would book in advance to be on the safe side.

Final Word
I really enjoyed this brunch – the food, the drinks, the chilled environment – all top marks. It’s nice to find a hidden gem like this and, even if you live in West London, I think it’s well worth the journey for at least one visit! There’s a lot of space so it’s perfect for a group celebration or just a cosy brunch with your significant other.

The scores are in!
Food 4/5
Drink 4/5
Atmosphere 3/5
Value 4/5


Have you tried Jones & Sons or any other amazing brunches? Let me know in the comments!