Girl’s Gotta Eat: Reform Social & Grill

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Reform Social & Grill

working girl london goes to reform social and grill
When I heard that Reform Social & Grill had a menu exclusively made of Yorkshire Puddings, I knew I had to try it. They kindly invited me to come and sample the menu and yes, it is as good as it sounds.

The Food
The menu is made up of one savoury plate and one sweet plate. They are a bit like sliders in that you get 3 small Yorkshires per plate. The savoury plate had; melted Tunsworth cheese and truffle, salmon and cream cheese, and salt beef with horseradish. The Yorkshires were baked to perfection – crispy around the edges and soft but not soggy on the bottom. The fillings were just the right amount. The cheese was gooey and not too strong while the other two were soft and creamy. Both the salmon and beef Yorkshires were cold which I was a little disappointed by. I expected the beef to be hot and feel more like a dinner than a starter.reform social savoury yorkshire puddings
Though the savoury plate was delicious, I felt I wouldn’t be full enough…but then came dessert. The sweet Yorkshires were filled with; chocolate and caramel, bananas and custard, and strawberry jam with clotted cream. These were waaaay more exciting than the savouries. The jam to cream ratio was exactly right and the combination was so tasty I would choose Yorkshires over scones any day! The bananas and custard situation was my least favourite of the sweets but much nicer than anticipated. The custard was very light and not too sweet, balancing out the ripe bananas. And saving the best ’til last, the chocolate and caramel was divine! It was super rich, super sticky, and just generally amazing.

reform social sweet yorkshire puddingsThe Drink
What better drink to complement Yorkshire puddings than champagne? The Reform Social has an extensive wine menu with something for every budget. We had a couple of glasses of Louis Dornier champagne which was lovely and can be ordered by the glass or by the bottle. There is also a sizeable cocktail menu with modern twists on old classics and a few shared punch options. I didn’t try one of these but from looking at the menu, I wish I had! Instead, our wonderful host Eli presented us with a glass each of Patron XO Cafe (which was gorgeous, as always) and a ‘surprise’ shot which I’ve still not quite been able to work out but highly recommend – just ask Eli!

The Atmosphere
From looking through the website, Reform Social & Grill comes across as a bit of a posh pub. In reality, it is much grander than expected and yet maintains a warm, welcoming vibe. The staff are super friendly – but genuinely friendly rather than I’m-working-hard-for-my-tip-friendly. The venue is quite large so would be good for a group dinner but equally has some intimate booths which are perfect for date night. I went with my friend Sarah and we had a great time! Its location is also spot on as it’s right by Bond Street station but far back enough that it feels reasonably secluded. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and would like to go back for a regular meal…or maybe for some more Yorkshires!

reform social sweet treats!
The Fine Print
The Yorkshire Pudding Menu at Reform was originally for February only. Due to its popularity, they extended it to the end of March. But have no fear people – they have finally come to their senses and made it a permanent fixture! Each plate costs £8 – you can have one plate (sweet or savoury), or both plates as a 2 course meal, but only one of these options will leave you filled with food envy and regret. Cocktails are around the £12 mark, while wine ranges from £4.95 – £9.50 for a glass, and beers and ciders are around a fiver.

Final Word
London has been a city obsessed with American foods – burgers, ribs, fried chicken – for long enough! It is now time for us Brits to take centre stage and this Yorkshire Pudding menu is the way to do it. This has to be one of my favoutite meals of the year so far, if not Number 1. It’s something a bit different but still appeals to a wide range of tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Links below…




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