Girl’s Gotta Eat: Sutton & Sons

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Sutton & Sons

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Sutton & Sons is not your average chip shop. Sourcing their seafood from their very own sustainable fishmongers, they offer everything from oysters to grilled fresh fish. With three restaurants across London, it’s a great choice for eating out, getting a meal to take away or even a Friday night delivery. I went along to the Islington branch to give it a try.

The Food
I didn’t like seafood when I was younger so I am still fairly uneducated when it comes to fishy food. I asked the waiter to recommend a selection of dishes for us to try and he picked well! We had deep fried oysters, prawn salad and fried calamari to start. I took Holls along as she doesn’t eat seafood at all and I wanted to get a feel for how good/bad the restaurant is for non-fish eaters. To her credit she tried all of the above, and her response was ‘I don’t hate it’ 😂 – she even went in for a second oyster! I have to say, I was a bit concerned about the oysters but they were good – not slimy at all and came with the tastiest sauces!

working girl london oysters and bubbles!
The calamari was good but not he best I’ve had. They were not chewy as some can be but there was too much batter for me, and they were quite oily. The prawns were okay – nothing special but I still enjoyed them. For our mains, I chose the grilled sea bass and Hollie opted for a battered sausage with chips. The sea bass was AMAZING! Perfectly seasoned, flaky goodness that paired well with the mash. The battered sausage was also very good. You could tell that the meat was good quality and, unlike the calamari, it wasn’t too oily. The chips were fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, just as you’d expect.

sutton and sons sea bass
We decided to try the cheesecake and deep fried Mars bar for dessert. They were nice but if it’s a choice between starters and dessert – go with starters. Overall, it was a good meal and we were stuffed by the end of it! The mains definitely stole the show but the deep fried oysters were a real contender.

The Drink
Sutton & Sons has a good selection of beer and wine, including prosecco which is (obviously) what we went for! It definitely has more of a restaurant style drinks menu than a chip shop style menu, with plenty of choice and reasonable prices.

The Atmosphere
It wasn’t particularly busy when we went – I think this is, in part, due to the fact that you can take away. We saw plenty of people pop in and out but few stayed to eat. This doesn’t ruin the atmosphere too much as it has the feel of a small, friendly, local restaurant and the absence of too many other customers means you get the chance to have a good chat to the staff, who are happy to give you their recommendations!

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The Fine Print
Sutton & Sons has the kinds of prices you would expect – you can get starters for around £5, fish and chip mains for around £10, and pie and mash for £8. Drinks are pretty cheap with a glass of wine at £4.75 and beer at £3-4. Desserts are just under £4. For the quality of food that you get, these prices are not bad at all – especially as the portion sizes are very generous!

sutton and sons starters
Final Word
Sutton & Sons is a seafood lover’s heaven but is also good if you’re just getting into it, or just fancy a good old British classic like pie. The friendly staff, sustainably sourced produce and chilled atmosphere make this place so much more than a fish and chip shop!

Have you tried Sutton & Sons yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

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