Girl’s Gotta Eat: Wagamama Breakfast

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Wagamama Breakfast

wagamama breakfast ramen
Yesterday, I went along to the launch of Wagamama’s breakfast menu at the Great Marlborough Street branch. Yes you read that right – Wagamamas breakfast. Sounds weird, right? Here’s my verdict.

The Drinks
The juice menu is the same as the offering on the normal Wagas menu so I thought I would try something different instead of my usual Fruit or Super Green. I tried the Blueberry Spice which was de-lish. Teas and coffees are also available, as you’d expect with any brekkie menu.

The Food
Noodles for breakfast. It just sounds wrong doesn’t it. Steve Mangleshot, the head chef who put the new breakfast menu together, understands that it may be a bit too adventurous for some, and so has created a varied menu which truly has something for everyone. I tried a few things on the menu and was not disappointed.wagamama coconut porridge

For the unadventurous. According to Wagamama’s research into the breakfast habits of us Brits, 55% of us say that these habits have not changed in over 10 years. That’s a long time to be eating porridge oats. However, if you’re still unwilling to try something completely new, the Coconut Porridge with Summer Berry Compote is for you. The porridge is wonderfully creamy but not too sweet, and the compote is light and not bitter at all. I really enjoyed this – my only wish was for a bit more coconut. When I said this to Steve, he did say that when ordering, extra coconut flavouring could be requested – so accommodating!

okonomiyaki breakfast

A halfway house. If you want to try something different but don’t want to have your mind blown, perhaps the Okonomiyaki is the dish of your dreams. This is essentially an omelette but with a Japanese twist. The omelette is filled with bacon, chicken, prawns, shitake mushroom, leek and red cabbage. Definitely a good way to fuel up for a busy day! The omelette is finished with okonomiyaki sauce (a wonderful, sweet sauce that goes perfectly with the dish) and wasabi mayonnaise (not as scary as it sounds, the wasabi is very subtle!). One of the best things about this dish is that it is topped with dancing tuna flakes. I’m not going to elaborate on that – you’ll have to go and try it!

breakfast yaki soba

Throwing caution to the wind. Noodles for breakfast. Who’d have thunk it. My favourite dish on the normal Wagas menu is Yaki Soba so I couldn’t possibly say no to the Breakfast Yaki Soba could I?! This was (surprise, surprise) my favourite breakfast dish. The fried noodles came with bacon, egg, shrooms, cabbage and tomato but with no soy sauce or spices like in the lunch time dish. The egg to noodle ratio was ramped up a notch to make it more breakfast-like and it worked perfectly. I could eat this for breakfast every day!

The Fine Print
Wagamama Breakfast is currently only available at the brand new flagship store on Great Marlborough Street and prices start from just £4.95wagamamas breakfast chefs
Final Word
Breakfast just got a little more interesting. This is a great idea for weekend socialising or for a different take on a business breakfast meeting during the week. The store is large with upstairs space so it’s still possible to have a meeting in peace and quiet while you enjoy your breakfast ramen (which I didn’t try but it looks great). I will be adding Wagas Brekkie to my ‘list of things to force friends to do with me more often’ and would encourage you to do the same!
Have you tried Wagamama or anything else a bit different for breakfast? Let me know in the comments!