How to Avoid Summer FOMO

How to Avoid Summer FOMO

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FOMO. It’s already a national epidemic but come summer time, it’s off the scale! We all get the fear of missing out, especially around summer. If only it was possible to go on every single holiday you’re invited on and to every music festival and every weekend away and every roof terrace party while still maintaining your job and the ability to pay for basic needs like food. Well until we’re all millionaires, we have to be selective when it comes to summer activities (even if you’re a teacher – you get all the time off but you have your own homework and 6 holidays in 6 weeks could very well bankrupt a person!). It’s difficult to keep your mind focused when you’re seeing #HolidaySpam 24/7 for three months of the year. So here are some handy tips to avoid losing your mind to summer FOMO.

1. Enjoy summer in London! Every Londoner knows that this wonderful city we call home completely transforms in the summer. It’s actually warm (on some days), daytime drinking is acceptable even on a weekday, and people smile! There are so many activities in the capital throughout summer and many of them are free. My personal favourites are Notting Hill Carnival (obvs) and West End Live. Hyde park is always a great place to gather friends for a prosecco picnic and there are beer gardens/rooftop bars a plenty! You’ll be so busy loving life, you won’t notice how much more fun your friends are having in Croatia…

notting hill carnival
2. Make plans during the week. Now that the sun doesn’t go down at like 3pm, going out after work is appealing rather than filling you with a sense of doom. It is much easier to focus on work and get everything done if you know that, come 6pm, you’re off to an outdoor cinema or London Zoo Lates.

3. Lunch outdoors with your colleagues. Lunching at your desk is not a good look and will just make you even more depressed about being in Bank instead of Barcelona. Get a group of colleagues together, take your lunch to the park, and have a full hour of sun, fun and work goss. You’ll go back to your desk refreshed, feeling happy and ready to tackle your next task.

4. Workout! We all know that working out releases endorphins and when everyone’s on holiday while you’re at work, you reeeaaaaally need some of those. I don’t know about you but I enjoy working out so much more in the summer. Try out some new classes, maybe some outdoor ones, allow yourself a treat which you can only have after gyming (like a fresh juice, chocolate bar or an ice cream) and get yourself into a nice routine. The endorphins will make you happy, the treat will make you happier, and you’ll feel super fit when your holiday eventually arrives!

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Do you have any other tips for beating summer FOMO? Let me know in the comments 🙂