How to Get Through Your Daily Commute

How to Get Through Your Daily Commute

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Did you know that the average commute in London is 74.2 minutes?
Now your 40 minute tube journey doesn’t sound so bad does it? With so many of us enduring this soul destroying daily activity, I thought that the best way to get through it must be to share the pain. So, I asked on Facebook and in real life what people do to make their commutes more bearable – here are the top tips straight from the Londoners’ lips.

1. Listen to music. Don’t just listen to the same stuff over and over again. Get the Spotify or Souncloud app and use these to discover new playlists. You can get a month’s free trial on Spotify Premium if the ads are a bit much for you – and after the month is up…try a different email address?

2. Read. Getting lost in a page turner is a great way to endure your commute, even if you are trapped in a corner with a tall persons armpit unspeakably close to your face. If you have a tablet or don’t mind reading on a phone screen, Blloon is an excellent eBook app, and is perfect for discovering new titles. Most importantly, a book or tablet is a perfect tool for (accidentally) poking people who get a bit too close.

3. Listen to a podcast. We all heard about how UNREAL ‘Serial’ was but I’m sure there are other podcasts out there? No? None this good? Oh, okay, let’s all just listen to ‘Serial’ then. On a serious note, you can find podcasts on the creatively named Podcast app on Apple products or you can download an app like Stitcher from Google Play for Androids. Both apps will suggest series other than Serial for you to listen to.

4. Write. This post is brought to you in front of a live studio audience. On the train. I always write blog posts on the train, using one of my fave apps Evernote. So, if you’re a writer/blogger/journalist/just want to brush up your writing skills, not having enough time is no longer an excuse! Plus, people watching could provide some inspiration…

5. Get lost online. Social media is probably a procrastination tool that many of us use on boring journeys. As well as Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and friends, news apps can be good for a commute. Flipboard is a good app for reading content from different sources, or you can stick to the classics like Sky News which, by the way, has an excellent ‘Strange!’ category.

6. Watch. Again, if you have a tablet/don’t mind small screens, most on demand services let you download programmes/movies to watch offline. Just don’t forget your headphones as nobody wants to overhear that series finale they didn’t have a chance to catch yet on an already taxing commute.

So there we have it, these are the tactics us Londoners are using to keep our sanity in check despite day after day of pushing, shoving, sweating and swearing just to make it from our homes to our offices, where we then spend 8 hours wishing we were home, only to have to face the same cruel journey to get there at the end of the day. #YOLO

What do you do during your commute? Any recommendations to share? Share them with us in the comments!


photo credit: Mind The Gap via photopin (license)