Monday Motivation: Make your own luck

Monday Motivation: Make your own luck

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Being a young professional woman in London has a huge number of challenges. We somehow need to put in the hours at work to get us that promotion while making time for the burgeoning London social scene. We have to make our often miserable pay cheques (thanks a lot, pay gap) stretch far enough that we can feed ourselves despite paying some of the most expensive rents in the world. And while we play the constant balancing act, we all have those friends who seem to be doing just fine…more than fine in fact! They are doing amazingly well at their dream job, eating out every night, and every outfit they wear is supremely Instagrammable. Some people are just lucky, right? And we’ve all heard the saying ‘you create your own luck’ but nobody has taught us how!

I’ve done some reading up on the power of positive thinking lately and this is something that a lot of successful people live by. I’m not entirely sold on the idea (I do think there are a lot of factors outside of our control that contribute to our success or lack thereof which cannot be ignored) but one aspect – manifestation – does seem to make a lot of sense. While, manifestation is something that is usually viewed from a spiritual angle with the idea that ‘the universe provides’, it still places the onus on us as individuals to be more focused on our needs, and that can only be a good thing! If we can all see the bigger picture and focus our energy in the right direction, minimizing distractions and negative thoughts, then we can manifest our wishes to come true. Of course, manifestation isn’t about simply wishing we were wealthier or that we might bump into Idris Elba and have him fall madly in love with us…it’s all about identifying the things that are truly important in your life and in the lives of others. Especially from a careers point of view, this can have a huge impact on your path. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah Winfrey have even raved about manifesting and they have enviable career success to show for it.

But what about us normal people? How can the average working girl use manifestation to improve her life?
working girl london manifest money

Manifest Money…
So, I know I just said that manifestation wasn’t for wishing wealth, however, many of us will find ourselves in a sticky financial position at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to debt, and even bankruptcy, than men and money is a real need rather than a want in these situations. Being clear and realistic about the situation you’re in and then focusing your mind on getting out of it is the best way to manifest for this situation. Will money suddenly be handed to you just because you are in need? No. However, acknowledging that you are in need will cause you to look at different opportunities and situations in a new light. For example, freelancing opportunities you might have otherwise ignored can help you with some extra income. Your spending habits will change. Your unshakable belief that you are worth more will push you to ask for that pay rise. If you’re a gambler, you may even find that your luck changes because you are playing more intelligently. A lot of online gambling sites and competitions are simply a numbers game – for example you could make your own luck playing online scratchcards, and maybe even win the jackpot on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire. There is a huge added advantage with some sites even giving you a helping hand, matching a deposit amount of up to £500 for new players! There is a surprising amount of content floating around about manifestation in specific relation to money, with tips ranging from everything to smelling money to ‘sending loving energy to the flow in and out’ 😳 I’ll keep my thoughts on those tips to myself but one thing is for sure – setting an intention and focusing your mindset will help you to create your own luck.

Manifest Change…
Sometimes in life we know about the changes that we need to make to be happier, but there may be several blockages in our way to get there. If we can focus on the end result, then manifestation naturally begins the journey to gently remove the blockages that are holding us back. We should never give up on our dreams or wishes But, equally, we shouldn’t just sit back and expect s*** to happen. You have to be the catalyst, even if it is simply a shift in the way you think.

There are times when we know that we need a change but don’t know quite what it is. Being mindful of your own thoughts and feelings, and really taking the time to do almost a life audit is the first step in manifestation, and can help to reveal to you the changes that need to be made. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to have 100% of the answers before you begin using manifestation. To the contrary, it can help you figure a lot of things out! If you have an end goal in sight but don’t know what you need to do to get there, this process can bring to light the changes you can make now to get you on the right path.

working girl london manifestation

Where do I start?
If, like me, you’re a bit of a skeptic, try just using manifestation in a careers context. This was my first experience with it and, gradually, I’ve started to use it in other areas of life. Push your negative thinking and cynicism to the side, just for a few moments and follow these steps:~

1. Think about what you already have, then what you need and focus clearly on it for a few minutes.
2. Make sure that what you want or need is thought of with good intention (don’t be greedy!) and is realistic (that’s not to say it isn’t ambitious!)
3. Take a pen and paper and write a bullet point for each need – if there are relevant time frames, write them down too. This will help when you look back to see how much you have achieved!
4. Read your points out loud a few times. Put the piece of paper away in a safe place. If at any point, you need to remind yourself of your direction, get the paper out again and read through it. Don’t be afraid to make changes if life throws you a curve ball!
5. Set reminders on any milestone dates you set for yourself so you can look back and see your progress, or reevaluate for the future.

Manifestation has worked for so many people. And different people look at it in different ways. Some people truly believe that the universe is answering their wishes as it were. I believe that the practice of manifestation gives us the focus and energy we need to attract the right opportunities to us and then the drive to see them through. However you explain it, we can create our own luck by trusting that what we need will happen for us. Don’t wait for it to just happen, ask for it, put it out there, take the right actions and believe that it will come to you…

What are your thoughts and experiences with manifestation? Let us know in the comments 🙂