My Dream Job: Barrecore Lead Instructor

My Dream Job: Barrecore Lead Instructor


my dream job - barrecore instructor
If you’re considering becoming a fitness instructor, read on to hear Natasha’s journey to leading London studio, barrecore.

So, give us the elevator pitch

Hi Babs! I’m Natasha Wynn, former professional dancer, now Lead Instructor at barrecore Hampstead.

Ooo, tell me more!

So, barrecore was the first barre fitness dedicated studio to open in London in 2011, and I’ve been an instructor there for 2.5 years. As an instructor, I teach various group classes and also take on private clients. As the Hampstead Lead, I manage a fabulous team of instructors at the North London studio, which opened in October. I also plan the schedule and organise events such as workshops and studio takeovers.

How did you get here?

I started dancing at the age of three, and went on to train in Musical Theatre and work in the profession. Unfortunately, a series of injuries in my mid-twenties resulted in me having to stop dancing professionally and reassess my career. I retrained as an actress and, while I was at drama school, worked at Sweaty Betty. They collaborated with barrecore on one of their fitness campaigns and I fell in love with the technique. I decided to audition to be an instructor and that was that! It was a turning point in my career and now it’s my full time job.

What have been the highest and lowest moments so far?

The high point must be when I was first given the role of Lead Instructor when the Kensington studio opened. Launching the new studio was very exciting and moving on to open Hampstead has been the icing on top of the cake!

The low point was having to take time off last year for an injury and subsequent knee surgery. It can be hard to find the balance when you’re self employed and working in a physical job and I simply pushed myself too far. Not teaching meant no income, but I got through it and am finally back at near full fitness!

natasha barrecore pose
Who has been your biggest support/inspiration?

I’m inspired every day by my boss, the founder of barrecore, Niki Rein. It’s my long-term goal to have my own dance or fitness studio, and I hope to achieve even just a small proportion of what she has.

My parents have been incredibly supportive. When I decided to leave the performing world, I was worried that all my life I’d trained for something that I hadn’t quite achieved and that they’d see it as a waste. I had nothing to worry about of course, as they have always encouraged me to adapt and change depending on what life throws at me.

Advice to your high school self?

Keep going. Follow your dreams, but don’t be afraid to change your plans. It doesn’t mean you’ve given up or failed, it means you’ve grown and developed and so have your dreams.

natasha barrecore
If you weren’t doing this, you would be…?

I’d be an actress. I did go to drama school after all, and once upon a time had an agent!

Where do you see yourself going next?

In the long term, it’s deciding where I want to base myself if I plan to open my own studio one day. I’ve been in London 11 years and I love it, but it’s not the easiest place to start your own business when you’d need studio space and rent is increasing by the minute!

What’s your favourite thing about London?

Even after 11 years, there’s still so much to do in London, and so many places yet to discover.

And your favourite thing to do in London?

So many things! I love spending a Sunday morning at Columbia Road Flower Market, wandering around Stoke Newington’s independent shops and coffee houses, and cheeky cocktails on Upper Street in Angel.

You can keep up with Natasha by visiting her blog, Dance Flow Lift and  on Twitter @danceflowlift