My Dream Job: Creative Solutions, ELLE Magazine

My Dream Job: Creative Solutions, ELLE Magazine

Always wanted to work at a fashion magazine? Prepare to get some top tips from Jane who works at a little magazine you may have heard of…ELLE, anyone?

So, let’s start with the elevator pitch

My name is Jane, I’m 27, from London and I work on the commercial team at ELLE magazine. I’m a Creative Solutions Account Manager.

Sounds exciting, tell me more!

Creative solutions is the fancy term for advertising that doesn’t look like advertising – sponsored shoots, fashion stories, video content, event sponsorship and many other things in between. It’s my job to think of the concept, assign a commercial value and then sell it to a client. We work with a mixture of clients, with an emphasis on Fashion & Beauty because of the nature of ELLE.

How did you get here? 
I really started at the *very* bottom. I always loved magazines but honestly had NO idea what I wanted to do leaving uni. After a few months of slightly soul destroying office admin work I met someone on a night out who had just got a grad job in something called “media sales” – what they call selling advertising basically. She recommended a recruiter and a few weeks later I had a job on the classified team at The Independent (the newspaper) – my job was selling those tiny box ads you see in the back pages of the weekend supplements. It was intense, I was part of a team of 30 and it’s essentially a telesales role – you had to make 60 phone calls a day!!

From there I moved to the classified team at Hearst Magazines UK – the publishing house of ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Cosmo….the list goes on. After that, I had a brief stint on the advertising team at Boots’ in-store magazine and then I returned to Hearst to the ELLE brand team, doing creative solutions – and I’m still here two and half years later. So, how did I get here? Making friends with people I’ve worked with – it’s how I’ve got all my jobs in the advertising. The media world is a very small one!

What have been the highest and lowest moments so far? 

Lowest – Having to make 60 calls a day when I first started in classified. All that talking on the phone was a test of character/my ability to sell. I still HATE long phone conversations because of it.
Highest – Getting the job at ELLE (cheesy I know) and seeing my name on the masthead.
Who has been the biggest support/inspiration?

The friends I made at the start of my career in media – we all started at the bottom and now we’re all working at well-known fashion/daily titles. It’s nice to know that all of us started somewhere not very glamourous but have managed to get to where we are now.

Advice to your high school self? 

Bad exam results aren’t the end of the world and uni isn’t everything. I honestly don’t think that a degree is necessary for the industry I work in – industry experience, people skills and manners are more important. Almost everyone aged 21-30 has a degree on their CV in the UK, it doesn’t make you stand out anymore.

If you weren’t doing this, you would be…? 

God knows…still being the world’s worst receptionist?

Where do you see yourself going next? 

We’ve just started developing the music offering commercially at ELLE and it’s something I’d love to develop further. We took the #ELLEFashionCupboard to Lovebox Festival this year and it worked well so who knows, an ELLE festival one day? That would be fun.

What’s your favourite thing about London? 

As one of those weirdos that was actually born in London (we exist!) I am completely biased but London in the Summer is awesome. It may only last for a short while but the mood in the city completely changes.

And your favourite thing to do in London?

Live music – London has some amazing venues like Wiltons Music Hall and RoundHouse (I’m trying to do a gig a month, it’s a good challenge, try it!) . Also, eating out (although not at pop-ups with no booking system, that’s a London trend I hate!) and a good rooftop bar.

Thank you Jane for making us all wish we worked at ELLE! To catch up with Jane check out her social channels below.