My Dream Job: Head of Affiliates & Partnerships, TransferWise

My Dream Job: Head of Affiliates & Partnerships, TransferWise

working girl london meets inez miedema
Inez Miedema looks after Affliliates & Partnerships for TransferWise, a fast-growing, disruptive fintech company. She tells us more about her role, her plans for the future, and her love of London.

Hi Inez, why don’t you give us the elevator pitch
My name is Inez Miedema, I am 28 years old, originally from the Netherlands and living abroad for 10 years now. I am currently heading the Affiliates and Partnerships Team at the fast-growing London headquartered business TransferWise.
Tell me more…
The vision of the Affiliates and Partnerships Team at TransferWise is to introduce people with the need to transfer money abroad to our service via other companies and websites. We do not run a traditional affiliate marketing program where we focus on discount and voucher code sites – instead, we figure out through data driven research where our target audience is online and form long-term partnerships with those sites. The variety in partners – media houses, bloggers, moving companies, universities etc. – keeps my job super interesting, creative and relevant. Next to finding the right partners it’s my responsibility to build out the team and strategy globally.Inez speaking at PMI conference

How did you get here?

I’ve always been interested in an international lifestyle, and having lived in Austria, Canada, France and Brazil during my International Business degree I chose to settle down in London a few years ago. I knew I wanted to work at start-ups/fast-growing businesses in order to have responsibility from the get-go, be able to have real impact and learn a lot – I have to admit that even after 3 degrees and 7 years of studying I still wanted to learn something new every day when I started my career! 
I’ve lived abroad for quite a few years and discovered TransferWise about a year before I started working there. I lost a lot of money in fees when sending money back home via my bank at the time, so I was happy to find a solution to my problem. I find it important to understand and believe in the mission of a company, and changing the financial industry through providing a low-cost, fair alternative to money transfer instantly appealed to me.

Inez in TransferWise Tallinn office

Who has been the biggest support/inspiration?
I can hardly name one person, that wouldn’t justify the amount of courageous, inspiring and clever people I’ve been able to work with so far. Next to that my parents and boyfriend are incredibly important to allow me to grow this fast and keep me grounded at the same time.

Where do you see yourself going next?

I always think about my career in terms of the skills I’d like to – or need to – master or improve. Right now I’m working on data-driven plans and building out successful teams. My 5-year career goal is to have ticked all the boxes needed to be able to start a family and return to work part-time or secure a flexible full-time role (ideally having a great variety of jobs to choose from).TransferWise Teambuilding

What’s your favourite thing about London?
This is the toughest question you’ve asked me – there are so many cool, interesting, quirky, fun things I could mention.

I guess if I think about London in a work-related context I love that everything moves so fast. Especially in the start-up scene, age is nothing but a number. If I had taken a more traditional career path I would have never been exposed to so many things, nor would my learning curve have been so steep.

And your favourite thing to do in London?
I love London during the summer – going to gigs/festivals, hanging out in the park or walking around to explore new neighbourhoods.working girl london my dream job

Thanks Inez – finally, what’s your top tip for London career girls?

Don’t be a workaholic, and if you are one (like me) find a way to balance work and life. I feel incredibly lucky to work at a company where I sincerely enjoy going to the office and don’t mind working long hours sometimes. However, my weekends are holy and you won’t find me on my MacBook or phone checking emails – instead I enjoy some of the parks and coffee bars SW London has to offer with my partner and/or friends.To learn more about Inez, take a look at this video with her colleague , and to keep up with her, check out the social links below.

Inez at Performance Marketing Awards