My Dream Job: Recording Artist

My Dream Job: Recording Artist

The first interview in the My Dream Job series is with recording artist Christina as she launches her debut single!

Hi Christina, why don’t you give us the elevator pitch?

Hey Working Girl London, I’m Christina – a pop singer who’s currently working with Auraphonic Records.

Ooo, tell me more!

At the moment, I’m working on my EP Awake and I’m always writing new songs and creating new beats at the studio. I practically live there, its my second home!

How did you get here?

Well, its been a long journey but it started with my musical theatre training, which gave me a lot of performing experience. Then I met my producer afterwards and we decided to work together to create some new music… now i work with Auraphonic Records.

What have been the highest and lowest moments so far? 

The highest moment would definitely be putting together my recent single “Who Loving You Now”. I had such a great time working with Bexley and the Auraphonic team, and to actually be in a music video was such an awesome experience – hard work but really fun!!

Hmm my lowest moment would embarrassingly have to be falling off the stage after performing a song. Definitely a low point, no pun intended.

Who has been the biggest support/inspiration?

There are so many people around me who I’m so grateful for; my teachers who have trained and inspired me over the years, my family and producer who have supported me and believed in me from day one, and everyone who has been watching and sharing the videos, buying the music and coming to the events. The support means so much!

Advice to your high school self? 

Don’t trash your high school on your last day. The teachers really don’t find it amusing haha

If you weren’t doing this, you would be…? 

I’d be a backing dancer. To dance for someone like Beyonce would just be amazing!

Where do you see yourself going next? 

To be honest with you I’d just love to continue doing what I’m doing right now. The creative process is so amazing and the team are such a laugh, I don’t know what I’d do without them!

What’s your favourite thing about London? 

Hyde Park and Battersea Park are beautiful. I practically lived there in the summer of 2014. I also love all the different bars you can check out, in particular the Ice Bar, it was so fun and I will definitely have to go again!

And your favourite thing to do in London?

100% West End. I love to go and see shows and there are so many to choose from, we’re spoilt for choice. I also loved being a part of the Zoo Fever London Cheerleaders [a professional cheerleading dance team] – we had such a good time performing across London and the UK.

Christina’s debut single ‘Who Loving You Now’ is out now and available on iTunes! Check out the (hot!) YouTube video below. Keep an eye out for her debut EP Awake which is due to be released on Monday 4th May 2015

Want more Christina? I don’t blame you! Check her out below