Product Review: Benefit Brow Bar

Product Review: Benefit Brow Bar

working girl london benefit brow bar
With products like Bad Gal mascara and High Beam, Benefit is a make up bag favourite for many across the globe. But have you considered Benefit for your beauty services as well as products? I’ve been getting my brows done at Benefit Brow Bar and now nothing else will do!

What is it? 
Benefit Brow Bar has branches across the UK and can always be found attached to a regular store as part of a wider beauty service offering. They offer a huge range of treatments – from blow outs to eyelash tinting – all performed by best in the business beauticians.

Who is it for?
Going to the Benefit Beauty Bar will, obviously, set you back a bit more than what you would pay at your local beauty shop. It’s a great place to pamper yourself – occasionally or regularly – and is the ideal upgrade for your beauty treatments without completely breaking the bank at, say, blink. Appointments are available all day and into the evening which makes it ideal for busy working girls who would rather pop in after work than spend their weekends being prettified. The central London locations also make it convenient for a post work or lunch time visit.

What’s the 411?
I visited Benefit to get my eyebrows back on fleek and opted for a wax and tint. Amy Louise is my regular beautician at Benefit and she’s wonderful! Not only is she brilliant at her job, she’s lovely to chat to and is genuinely interested in her clients. Lauren is also lovely so say ‘Hi!’ to them from me if you happen to see them on your visit! The whole tint and wax process takes around 20 minutes.

benefit brow bar tint
First, the tint goes on and needs some time to develop. Then, once it’s wiped off, it’s waxing time. I used to get my eyebrows threaded and now I’m a waxing convert. It’s less painful, takes less time and gives you a much more defined shape. After the tint and wax, Amy finishes my brows with Browzings, which is the same kit I use at home. And, voila! Look at that transformation! Your brows are the frame of your face after all 

benefit brow bar before
benefit brow bar after

The Fine Print
A brow wax at Benefit starts at £12.50 and tint starts at £10.50 – not bad in my opinion for a beauty service from such a renowned brand! At the Carnaby branch you can call ahead and book or feel free to drop in and they should be able to help you!

Final Word
The pictures say it all here – Benefit Brow Bar is a working girl’s best beauty secret and, for me, is a regular treat I won’t be giving up any time soon 😉

Have you tried any of Benefit’s beauty services? What do you think? Let me know in the comments 🙂