Product Review: Bloom & Wild

Product Review: Bloom & Wild

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These days, you can get anything delivered to your home in a box, from food to beauty products, but I was still surprised to hear that you can get flowers delivered to your door through your letterbox. What are they, origami flowers? Bloom & Wild kindly sent me a box to try out. Here’s the verdict.

What is it?
Bloom & Wild is taking the hassle out of ordering flowers – who cares whether anyone’s home or not? They’ve got it covered. Simply order the flowers online or through the app, and the very next day your gift recipient (who may well be yourself) will arrive home to a cardboard box delivered through the letterbox…Once they open the box, they will be greeted not only by some pretty flowers but also the excitement of being able to arrange them themselves!

bloom and wild letterbox flowers

Who is it for?
This is perfect as a gift with a difference but is also a great idea for those of us who love to decorate our homes with fresh flowers but inevitably end up too busy to keep it up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had more-than-slightly wilted flowers welcoming me home for days on end. Bloom & Wild offer gift bundles/subscriptions as well as one off boxes so you can easily add this to your list of letterbox subscriptions. For those of us with more high maintenance loved ones, you can send hand tied bouquets as well as letterbox flowers. This is perhaps a better gift option for anyone who doesn’t like to do their own handiwork 😉

bloom and wild flower arranging

What’s the 411?
I must admit, I was dubious about flattened flowers. Even as my excitement about pretending to be an expert flower arranger built, I was concerned that my flowers were looking a little worse for wear. I powered on though, following the useful instructions included in the booklet, and by the time I was done, the flowers were fully 3D! And after one day they had really bloomed! The whole process – from ordering to Instagramming my beautiful bouquet – was super easy and the end result was not at all disappointing. The bouquet was front and centre at my dinner party and every single guest complimented it, so that says it all.

bloom and wild bouquet

The Fine Print
Letterbox flowers start at £20 and hand tied bouquets start at £32. An ongoing subscription is £15 per bouquet but there are a number of other options for frequency of delivery and length of subscription so you can put together a plan that works for you. This may seem a little pricey if you’re not particularly bothered about having flowers in your home but if you are the type to often buy flowers, this is a pretty good deal! As a gift, I think this is a steal – the same budget would not get you far on Interflora…The flowers I got are the Frances bouquet.

bloom and wild frances

Final Word
Bloom & Wild combines convenience and luxury to bring you gorgeous bouquets without the hassle. It is an excellent gift idea but also a good value, good quality subscription for the flower lover. Give it a try!

Have you used Bloom & Wild before? Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂