Product Review: Salad Days Online

Product Review: Salad Days Online

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Salad Days Online is waging war against the limp sandwiches and cold pizzas that dominate team lunches, meetings and events. They sent me over a sample to see what they’re all about – here’s the verdict.

What is it?
Despite its name, this website is about so much more than just salad. They’re on a mission to bring healthy (and, more importantly, tasty) lunch to offices across London. The meals are made fresh each day and delivered personally by the team behind it. There is a good selection of salads, wraps, platters, sweet treats and drinks, all completely customisable to fit your needs. You simply log on to the website, make your selection, choose a delivery date and prepare to gain the gratitude of your colleagues for not making them eat yet another Pret sandwich. If you are a regular organiser of team lunches, it’s super easy to set up an account so that you can order favourites in 1 click, set up orders to multiple addresses and keep track of all past orders.salad days online delivery

Who is it for?
Salad Days Online is a great tool for anyone who organises team meetings, events and lunches. However, we all know that healthy eating requires preparation, preparation requires time, and time is something that a lot of young professionals are lacking. So, Salad Days does offer a good lunch option for individuals trying to kick their diet into gear but forever being tempted by the more exciting (read: unhealthy) lunch options. There is a minimum order of 10 wraps/salads/boxes but you could always club together with some work BFFs and get enough for 2-3 days.

peri peri chicken box

What’s the 411?
The team sent me a Peri Peri Chicken Salad Box (Peri Peri Chicken, Paprika Roasted Butternut Squash, Rainbow Slaw, Lemon Wedge, Rocket, Red Amaranth & Mixed Organic Quinoa and Bulgar Wheat) and some Dark Chocolate Brownies. My main concerns about salad are usually; not being full up and getting bored of the flavours half way through. Surprisingly this salad box was so filling that I didn’t even finish it! The combination of the generous portion size and the filling squash and quinoa/bulgar wheat means you definitely won’t be left hungry.

rainbow chicken box!

The Peri Peri Chicken was flavoursome but not at all spicy which was a shame but everything else was delicious. The flavours were all great together and because of the variety, I didn’t get bored!

close up peri peri chicken box
The brownies were gooey and rich but not too heavy or dense at all. They’re super tasty and, unsurprisingly, not quite as healthy as the rest of the menu so enjoy modestly 😉

dark chocolate brownies

The Fine Print
Salad Days Online is easy to use, reasonably priced and has plenty of variety, with lots of veggie, nut free and gluten free options. Platters, salads and boxes are around £9 per person while wraps are around £7 per person. Breakfast starts at £5 per person and desserts are £2 each. Food can be delivered anywhere in London for a flat fee of £10 and requests outside of London can be accommodated with enough notice.

Final Word
Salad Days Online is an excellent new market entrant for marketers, office managers, events professionals and anyone else who arranges large group lunches. The food is good quality and makes a nice change from the usual. It is perhaps more expensive than some alternatives but is worth trying at least once to see how it goes down in the office. Overall, this was definitely an improvement on many, many team lunches I’ve had!





Have you tried Salad Days Online yet? Let me know what you thought!