Product Review: Scarlett of Soho

Product Review: Scarlett of Soho

Spectacle wearers – this one’s for you. Have you ever chosen a pair of specs in store (under pressure) and completely regretted your choice by the time they’re ready to pick up? Have you ever been so excited that you went for the jazzy, on trend frame just to hear from your friends that you ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ (even though you did, awks)? Have you ever loved your new frames for about 4 months and then wished you didn’t have to wait a whole 8 months to get a new look? The future is here people! No, not using virtual reality to try on frames or using holograms to change your look every day. Scarlett of Soho is the future of specs!

What is it?
It’s like a mobile phone subscription…but for glasses. Scarlett of Soho is a pay monthly service which allows you to:

1. Select up to three frames for a try-at-home kit.

scarlett of soho try on kit

2. Keep the frames for 7 days so that you can try them on, get second opinions and make sure you choose the best frame for you.

3. Send the frames back (in the same box you received them in – stickers and postage included!)

4. Once you’ve chosen your ideal pair, you can switch them as soon as you get bored.

It’s a modern, convenient way to make sure you never get bored of your look – whether you choose geek chic or granny.

try at home box

Who is it for?
The available frames are pretty trendy so probably not one to recommend to your Nan. This is a young, fun brand perfect for busy young professionals in the city. They even do pop up stores in locations around London so you can see the clever creators of the brand in person if you like!

What’s the 411?
I ordered my try-at-home kit based on my favourite pairs on the site (rather than the box recommended to me by the frame chooser). They arrived within 3 days in this cute box complete with Scarlett of Soho stickers. I tried the frames on, wore them to work and took a few selfies to get second opinions. They are all so nice, I couldn’t possibly make a decision without help! Good thing you can swap as you please, so I could have all four within the space of a year. Once you’ve made your choice, you just pop the box back in the post and order online. My faves were Hammerstein in Translucent Olive.
scarlett of soho hammerstein
hammerstein transluscent olive

The Fine Print
Scarlett of Soho memberships start from £10 a month depending on how frequently you want to change frames. You do not have to pay anything until you’ve had your first try-at-home kit and decided that it is your kinda thang. There is no contract and you can cancel whenever you want! They supply sunnies as well which are as stylish as their frames so it really is a one stop shop.

Final Word
I think this is an excellent idea – who has time to wander around opticians trying on so many pairs of glasses that they all start to look the same? Ain’t nobody got time for that. My only minor critique of SoS is that the frame choice is quite narrow – though, as they grow as a company this will improve. Even if you’re not convinced yet, why not order yourself a try-at-home kit and see what you think? You’ve got nothing to lose.
made my choice!
Have you tried out Scarlett of Soho yet? Let me know what you think and share your specs selfie!