Product Review: Voluntary Action Academy

Product Review: Voluntary Action Academy

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The Voluntary Action Academy provides online short courses and awards. They have a range of courses, including their excellent value ‘one penny courses’ – I tried one and here’s the verdict.

What is it?
The academy offers a variety of online courses, some of which lead to an accreditation from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). The courses are made to be affordable and allow for flexible learning.

Who is it for?
The Voluntary Action Academy exists to provide an affordable learning environment for volunteers and paid staff working in the voluntary sector. However, a lot of these courses will be relevant for individuals in an array of industries. The courses are ideal for entire teams or for if you fancy doing a little extra training outside of your day job.

voluntary action planning development
planning your own development

What’s the 411?
I completed the ‘Planning Your Own Development’ course. As with many of these e-learning courses, it reiterated a lot of stuff I already knew. However, it also introduced a few models and ideas I hadn’t come across and gave a lot of practical insights I can use in my job and in every day life. The Voluntary Action Academy use real life examples from the voluntary sector to demonstrate ideas throughout all of their courses, which adds a unique twist compared to other online courses. It took about 30-40 minutes to complete, and you can print any notes you’ve typed throughout the course. There are assessment questions at the end of each module and a separate test you can do once you finish the whole course. Overall, it was a helpful and enjoyable course – especially for a penny!

planning your own development test
voluntary action academy course
The Fine Print
Course topics range from IT to Management, and pricing varies. Not all courses are accredited but those that are offer Level 2 or Level 3 ILM accreditation. You can purchase and start a course within minutes, as the online learning is all run through the Voluntary Action Academy’s website.

Final Word
I can’t give an opinion on all courses on offer but I would recommend the ‘Planning Your Own Development’ course and I would certainly look at taking another course with the Voluntary Action Academy. The website is easy to use, the prices are reasonable and the course content was good.

Check it out for yourself below – let me know if you give it a try!