Product Review: ZipJet

Product Review: ZipJet

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Uber. Just Eat. Netflix. Today’s most popular businesses are those that make our lives easier and often don’t require us to leave the house. ZipJet is adding to that list, by making dry cleaning a door to door service. They kindly gave me a free trial before Christmas – here’s the verdict.

What is it?
ZipJet is an app which allows you to request your laundry to be picked up, dry cleaned and returned to your home – all within 24 hours. Simply open the app, select what clothing you need dry cleaned and choose from a number of half hour slots for pick up and delivery.

zipjet app

Who is it for?
This is the perfect solution for busy Londoners, especially if you work in a formal environment and have suits that need to be dry cleaned frequently. It’s also good for those items that you only need to dry clean occasionally but never get round to! 

What’s the 411?
I found the ZipJet app super intuitive and easy to use. My only qualm with it is that it doesn’t provide an estimated price for your dry cleaning – you only find out the final cost in the receipt once the laundry is delivered.

zipjet status
The pick up/delivery was a little bit late but by no more than 15 minutes, and ZipJet sends texts to let you know when the reps are about 5 minutes away. I was happy with the dry cleaning and even happier with the free treat from London Tea Club that came back with it!

zipjet free gift

The Fine Print
ZipJet is completely free to download and use. Costs of dry cleaning will likely depend on where in London you’re based. I had 1 suit, 1 shirt and 2 skirts dry cleaned and it came to £25.50 which is not bad considering the door-to-door service.

Final Word
ZipJet is a great app and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s perhaps better for odd jobs rather than regular dry cleaning and their arrival timing could be better but overall, it’s useful, reasonably priced and a new must-have app for Londoners.

Have you tried ZipJet or any other dry cleaning apps? What did you think? Let me know in the comments 🙂