Railway Children: Double your good deed

I recently received an email from a charity, Railway Children, which I don’t recall having much involvement with before. They are an international children’s charity, supporting vulnerable children across the UK, India and East Africa. Their latest campaign is extremely powerful and I was compelled to share it with you – If I Grow Up.

As a child, I wanted to be everything from an actress to Prime Minister, and none of these aspirations seemed farfetched at the time. Now, as a young adult, I’ve been afforded so many opportunities, and the world is my oyster – I have no doubt that I can fulfil my current aspirations. For the children that this charity supports, the dream jobs may be the same, but the phrase has one chilling difference – it is not when I grow up I want to be XXX, it’s if i grow up.

Until 22 January 2016, all donations to Railway Children’s If I grow up campaign will be doubled by the UK government, helping them to reach twice as many children. Proceeds from the appeal will fund Railway Children’s vital work in the UK and abroad; match-funding from the UK government will fund work in East Africa.

This is a chance for us to have double the impact on vulnerable children’s lives, and help to change that if to a when. Click here to donate to the If I grow up campaign now and join in the conversation on social media with #ifigrowup

Here are some of the children involved in Railway Children’s programmes in East Africa who are now safe, back at school and getting the support and protection they need, giving them the headspace to start to think big!

if i grow up doctor
if i grow up pilot
if i grow up president