Reasons to Love London

Reasons to Love London

reasons to love london
The people are rude. Everything is overpriced. Everyone is underpaid (except for those darned bankers). London is a tough place to live…so why do we love it so much?! Working Girl London is all about getting ahead at work and enjoying everything that London has to offer at the same time. So, to celebrate 1 year of the blog being live, I asked Londoners one question – What do you love most about living and working in London?

I never have any cash, I despise the number of people, and live in constant FOMO because there is just TOO MUCH going on, I live in a shoebox and I will never afford a house…but one look along the river on a sunny day or crisp, windy night…at Westminster or St Pauls, or at a street dancer, or an acapella rapper, or a sing song on the night bus, or a really passionate protest for a great cause, or commuters swimming through pools of water like it’s totally normal just to get to work on time, or 20 people sitting nonchalantly on the tube in giraffe onesies…it’s that stuff makes me feel warm and fuzzy and makes it allllll worth it. You can’t describe it, it’s such an overwhelming feeling of love for this mental, beautiful city!
-Carly Wilko, Project Hot Bitch

london street dancing

I lived in London for years, but when I had my kids I knew I wanted a house big enough for them to run around so I moved to the coast in Kent. I drive/train to London most days and I love just having coffee and watching life go on. I love the bravery of people in London – people take risks with businesses, personal style, and lifestyle choices.”
– Rachel Hampton


“I love how small London can feel when you put yourself out there to meet new people! It doesn’t happen often, but when I walk on a tube carriage and bump into someone I know…love that! I love the tube late at night, after everyone has had a few drinks and you can get chatting! I love that there is always a new corner of town to be discovered; always a new place to hang out and (usually) EVERYTHING happens in London first!”
– Danielle Linton, KeepitsimpELLE

poor in London

Every time I cross the river I remember how beautiful London is. If I’m in a bad mood I walk around Brixton market as all the little hidden stalls pumping out reggae make me happy. I like getting a seat on the top deck of the bus from Brixton that crosses the river, goes past the Houses of Parliament and feels like an excursion I should be paying for. I love all the free things going on and the fact that just by going a few stops on the tube, it can feel like you’re in a totally different place.
– Charlotte Thomas


“Like minded people and being surrounded by constant events”
– Helen Buffy, @Helen11084

I have to say, I agree with all of these statements! What about you? What’s your favourite thing about living and working in London? Share the love in the comments