Welcome, working girl!

Working Girl London is a careers & lifestyle blog for young working women who want to get ahead at work and have some fun along the way. The blog covers everything from job advice to where to workout in and around the city. The aim is to create a network of like-minded young professionals in London who can share experiences and advice, and perhaps a bottle of wine at the networking events!

So, who am I?


I currently work in business development & marketing in a professional services firm but have experience in B2C marketing, client relationship management and account management. I love London and everything the city has to offer, as you might have guessed from the name of the blog!

Through the years, my friends and I have had our fair share of QLCs (quarter-life crises) and we won’t be done with them any time soon. We get through them with advice, moral support and a few too many cocktails. Of all the topics that my friends come to me for advice about, there are two things that come up the most – careers and fun things to do in London.

I love sharing my tips and advice on these topics and also have a creative side which doesn’t get let out very often at work. And so,¬†Working Girl London was born! Living and working in London doesn’t have to amount to living off instant noodles while you wait for your internship to turn into a paid position – we can help ourselves and help each other if we work together (& play together!)