In Pictures: 100 Course Dinner Party

working girl london 100 course dinner party
At this time of year, it’s all about the eating and drinking and being merry. However, if you’re the hostess with the mostest but don’t quite fancy doing any of the cooking or cleaning that comes with that role, La Belle Assiette have got your back. Whether you’re planning a posh company do or a Christmas get together with old friends, they offer the perfect private chef service. I have previously reviewed the service by having my own dinner party but last month, the team decided to take things to the next level by hosting a 100 course dinner party, and I was invited! Thankfully, I wasn’t required to eat all 100 courses…(!) The dinner party took place over the course of a full day, and guests were invited to 9/10 course sittings, cooked by a range of La Belle Assiette’s chefs. It wouldn’t be a dinner party without bubbles, so the champagne was provided by Nicolas Feuillatte 🍾 You can read the full write up of the event here – watch this space for next year’s party!

There is not much I can say other than that the event was incredible! The food was beyond delicious, the champagne complemented each course perfectly and the La Belle Assiette team were accommodating as ever. The best way to convey the evening is through the photos below – if you’re not drooling by the end, you clearly don’t like food…

working girl london lamb beyti
Course 1 – Lamb Beyti


working girl london beef rib
Course 2 – Korean beef short rib


working girl london pork belly
Course 3 – Confit pork belly


working girl london manoushi
Course 4 – Lebanese Manoushi


working girl london pork and prawn rice
Course 5 – Pork and prawn with coconut rice


working girl london onion soup
Course 6 – French onion soup


working girl london chorizo tortilla
Course 7 – Chorizo and onion tortilla


working girl london blackberry clafouti
Course 8 – Blackberry and almond clafouti


working girl london chocolate fondant
Course 9 – Dark chocolate fondant

Drooling yet? 😉

working girl london nicholas feuillatte
Nicolas Feuillatte champagne
Girl’s Gotta Eat: Blondies Kitchen

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Blondies Kitchen


As the weather gets moodier by the day, nothing beats a cup of tea with a couple of biscuits (yes, I’m a dunker) but as a nation of tea lovers, we often overlook another snack combo that Americans can’t get enough of: milk and cookies! This childhood favourite has been brought to the mainstream this month by Blondies Kitchen.

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Girl’s Gotta Eat: Sutton & Sons

Girl’s Gotta Eat: Sutton & Sons

working girl london sutton and sons
Sutton & Sons is not your average chip shop. Sourcing their seafood from their very own sustainable fishmongers, they offer everything from oysters to grilled fresh fish. With three restaurants across London, it’s a great choice for eating out, getting a meal to take away or even a Friday night delivery. I went along to the Islington branch to give it a try.
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Girl’s Gotta Eat: 1800 Brunch Saloon

Girl’s Gotta Eat: 1800 Brunch Saloon

working girl london 1800 brunch saloon
I’ve reviewed a lot of interesting brunches on the Battle of the Brunches so far but a tequila based brunch is probably the most intriguing (and terrifying) I’ve heard of. The Thinking Drinkers, award-winning drinks writing and comedic duo, have teamed up with 1800 Tequila to convince brunchers that tequila should be their drink of choice – read on to find out whether or not I’m a convert…

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