#WGLnetwork Launch: Navigating your Career

#WGLnetwork Launch: Navigating your Career

wgl network event
Yesterday was the first in a series of events hosted by me for young, ambitious women in London. The theme was ‘Career Journeys’ and I had a wonderful panel of inspirational yet approachable women to talk us through what they have encountered on their journeys so far. There were so many golden gems of insight and knowledge and I have chosen a few to share with those of you who couldn’t make it to the event.

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Introducing…Working Girl London Network!

working girl london network

I am delighted to invite my dear readers (yes, that’s you) to join the Working Girl London Network, which has two main aims:

1. Create a community of young, ambitious Londoners who can provide each other with advice and support

2. Introduce this network to mid-senior level professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs who can provide ‘approachable inspiration’

As you know, Working Girl London is all about working hard and playing hard. Being a member of the network will get you access to networking events, discounts and more. This is completely new so bare with me while it grows and please do send me any feedback or requests you have – this is your network. Want to get involved? Sign up to the launch event and check out these tips on networking before you come along 😉

If you can’t make it to the event but still want to be part of the network, just sign up below to stay up to date.

Don’t forget to get involved on social using #WGLnetwork