Thirsty Thursdays: The House of Peroni

Thirsty Thursdays: The House of Peroni

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The House of Peroni, a pop up which graces our presence twice each year, is back on Brick Lane for one month only! I went along to the opening party to see what was on offer. Here’s the verdict.

The Atmosphere
As you walk into the house you are welcomed by a group of Italian ‘nonnas’. When I say welcomed I don’t mean with a very British handshake. These wonderful hostesses make you feel as if they’ve been waiting for you all day, with hugs and kisses galore! The bar and restaurant staff are equally as friendly, and with the decor including a fully stocked pantry and clothes hanging out to dry on the patio/laundry room, you really do feel like you’re in the home of your favourite Italian aunt. In the pantry area, you can purchase a key which will allow you to explore more rooms in the house – the bedroom, the wardrobe and the snug. What lies beyond is a secret which you’ll have to go along yourself to find out! Spoiler: there are drinks involved!

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The Drinks
Peroni is just a beer, not that exciting right? Wrong. First of all, there are three different bottle sizes of Peroni, or you can go for a half pint or pint of draught. Second and more importantly, the house has a list of 6 cocktails, each with the not so secret ingredient. I tried the Negroni Autunno, Madre Bianca and Agro Dolce. The Madre Bianca was my favourite – sweet and fruity with a hint of chilli. The Negroni was a twist on the classic and actually an improvement if you ask me. This was the boyfs favourite. The Agro Dolce was my least favourite but I still enjoyed it! I can’t wait to go back and try the other three cocktails – the Winter Garden especially sounds delightful.
 house of peroni negroni

The Food
We got a selection of Italian classics to nibble on, including what can only be described as the best meatballs I have ever had in my life. Ever. The food was flavoursome and not too heavy, with a boozy yet light dessert to end. Having had a taste of what’s on offer, I will definitely be making a booking for the private dining experience – if I can find any spaces. The five course experience has been created by Michelin-starred Sicilian chef Accursio Craparo and promises to be the highlight of the residency.

what's behind the door?

The Fine Print
The House of Peroni residency runs from tonight (29th October) until 25th November. It’s open from Tuesday – Sunday each week and is in a great location in the centre of Brick Lane. Entry to the house is free of charge, while the private dining experience costs a reasonable £65 including 5 courses plus 2 drinks. In the main house, beer is £4 and cocktails are £6-8, much cheaper than most bars in London! With these prices, there’s no excuse not to head to the house even just for a quick drink to take in the surroundings and enjoy the experience of ‘Vita all’Interno’ (‘a life lived inside’, the name of this residency).
house of peroni bedroom
Final Word
We were both extremely impressed with how the space has been transformed by the team behind this residency. Curated by Gingerline’s creative founder, Suz Mountfort, and immersive storytellers, Reuben Feels, The House of Peroni offers a unique and enchanting experience. I cannot recommend this enough – you’ve only got a month to enjoy it so don’t hesitate!
 Have you been to this or previous House of Peroni residencies? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments 🙂

house of peroni negroni - his fave!