Working Girl Weekend: Brussels City Break

Working Girl Weekend: Brussels City Break

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I’m back from a looooong weekend in Brussels! I’m feeling refreshed after some much needed down time and want to share with you some bits and bobs from my experience in case you want to follow suit 😉

The City
Brussels is a busy, multicultural, vibrant city with a lot to offer. However, if you’re looking for a jam packed adventure break it’s probably not for you. There are sights to see, of course, but not too many major attractions.

Top sights to see:
1. Grand Place. This is the main square in the city, surrounded by some pretty impressive buildings and buzzing with excited tourists. I recommend going once in the daytime and once at night, as the lights that come on late are stunning! There isn’t really anything specific to do here though some of the buildings are museums – it’s more just an impressive sight and a photo opp with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby.
grand place brussels
grand place brussels2. Atomium. This is about half an hour out of the city centre by metro but it’s worth visiting. This funky architectural national treasure has the best views across Brussels at the top apparently. This may well be true but to be honest the view wasn’t particularly impressive…perhaps because Brussels isn’t a particularly impressive city from a birds eye view. Unlike London there aren’t sky scrapers and giant wheels to gape at so the view is actually better on the ground in my opinion. However, the Atomium was, again, great to look at and take pictures of. There are also exhibitions in some of the pods but we didn’t have time to look at them so I can’t comment on those I’m the atomium brussels3. Street Art. There is quite a bit of street art in Brussels and you can take a walking tour, however, we just stumbled upon it as we were exploring. If/when I return I would love to have a tour and see some more of it!brussels street art
brussels street art

The Food
As I’m sure you know, Belgium is all about Moules Frites. I have been avoiding mussels ever since I first tried them but when in Brussels…we ate at a variety of restaurants – some good, some not so much – and tried a number of other Belgian delicacies.

Top foods to try:

1. Moules Frites (obviously). I am a convert. I tried it and I liked it!
2. Carbonnades Flamandes. This is a beef stew with a special ingredient: beer. It is super tasty!
3. Speculoos. The tastiest cookies ever – even better in spreadable form

Top restaurants to try:

1. Les Crustaces. In the beautiful area of Sainte Catherine there is a strip of restaurants all with outdoor seating. This particular restaurant had great service and great food and I would highly recommend it!

les crustaces brussels

mussels in brussels

mmm ravioli

2. Le Malte. This hidden gem near Avenue Louise is one of the best restaurants I have eaten at ever. The decor and atmosphere are on point and the food and drinks are delicious. They do serve Belgian cuisine but also specialise in Senegalese. We enjoyed our meal (and cocktails) so much we barely took any photos – sorry! You’ll have to go and try it for yourself 🙂

malte brussels

3. Belga Queen. We didn’t actually get to eat here as it was shut when we planned to go! However, I’ve heard great things and it looks pretty snazzy from the outside…

The Drink
Beer, beer and more beer. That sums up our time in Brussels. We tried not to have the same beer twice – quite easy in a country that has over 180 breweries! I drank rather a lot of fruit beer while the boyf took quite a liking to the blond variety.

Top beers to try:

1. Kriek Cherry Beer
2. Leffe Tripel Blond Beer
3. Hoegaarden White Beer (no giggling please)

Top bars to try:

1. Delirium. They have 2,500 Belgian beers – try one of each?

2. Le Cercueil. Like bones with your beer? This place is decorated with very real-looking skeletons…

Final Word
Brussels is a wonderful city for a chilled city break. Lots of eating and drinking with a splash of culture dah-ling. It’s not too expensive with a meal for two averaging about €50 for lunch and €90 for dinner (not including drinks) and beers usually €3-4 each. A 3 day break would be plenty to see the city, and the journey on the Eurostar is only 2 hours. Wait for the sales and book your trip – you won’t regret it!

What was your experience of Brussels or are you planning to go? Let me know in the comments!