Working Girl Weekend: Django Bango Gold Rush

Working Girl Weekend: Django Bango Gold Rush

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Earlier this year, if you stepped into a particular warehouse in East London (where else?), you would be transported to the Wild West of America. No, this wasn’t a Back to the Future style wormhole. It was the bringing to life of a vision of Viv and Wenny, two pretty impressive ladies who created Django Bango. I only got a chance to check it out at the end of the residency, so I’m delighted that they are back with a vengeance this summer with Django Bango Gold Rush!

The Food
I have to be honest – I wasn’t impressed with the eating experience at Django Bango. Firstly, we had to queue at the bar in order to buy food tokens, and then queue at the food stand to buy the food. This whole process was quite long and annoying, and after all of that, the pulled pork bun I got wasn’t even that great – and it was impossible to find somewhere to sit and eat it! It seems that the team at DB have learned from this and made some changes. The Gold Rush event is actually much more centred around an immersive dining experience. This means that the tokens are out the window as tickets include food, seating will be plentiful and the food will be much better quality. The sample menu look delicious – Cowboy Stew anybody?! – and a 5 course tasting menu sounds like a much better dining experience.

The Drink
The bar was buzzing all night at DB, and they even had some moonshine for authenticity! Drinks were reasonably priced for London which is always a plus. For the Gold Rush event, the DB team have come up with a specialist cocktail list that screams Yee-haww! I could genuinely have one of each 😳 but I think my favourite is the Badlands Brew – Tequila, Apple, Agave , Lime and Prosecco!

django bango cowboy name
I’m Django the Cross-eyed Sundace Kid, obvs 😎

The Atmosphere
Even some of the best themed events can be dampened by the half heartedness of the crowd. That was not the case at Django Bango! The staff and guests alike got into the theme big style! We turned up in our denim shorts and checked shirts, and we were not alone. There were cowboy hats, fake pistols and ‘Yee-haww!’s left, right and centre, and these useful posters (above) allowed us to all come up with Cowboy names. The live band were brilliant – singing everything from Dolly Parton to Shania Twain – and kept the crowd dancing all night. The Gold Rush event this summer has an added touch of sparkle. The reason it’s called Gold Rush is because there will be golden coins hidden everywhere – from your food to the bar – and it’s your job to gather these coins and exchange them for gifts! This added element will only add to what was already an incredibly infectious atmosphere.

django bango is back!
The Fine Print
Django Bango Gold Rush launches this Friday 10th June, and will run every Friday & Saturday until 1st October. This time they are ditching East London and heading to Vauxhall, and the experience runs from 7pm-11.30pm. Tickets are £35 including entry and the 5 course meal – and, of course, the chance to win prizes with your golden coins!

Final Word
Django Bango was a lot of fun! With the added element of golden coins and more of a focus on food, Gold Rush is set to be a can’t miss event of Summer ’16 – get your tickets before word gets out across town!    @DjangoBangoEast    Facebook    Instagram

Have you got tickets for Django Bango Gold Rush? Let us know about your experience in the comments!