Working Girl Weekend: Rebel Bingo

Working Girl Weekend: Rebel Bingo

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What is it?
Bingo, obviously. Just subtract the old people and add more alcohol than is being currently consumed at Coachella. Basically, a night of drinking, winning, drinking, cheering, drinking, dancing, drinking…get the picture? Rebel Bingo is hands down THE most fun I’ve had in a nightclub. Ever.

Who is it for? 
working girl london rebel bingoAnyone who likes fun. Rebel Bingo is a club night with a twist rather than bingo with a twist, so leave your granny at home. If you’re too posh to have permanent marker all over your face you should probably give it a miss. Otherwise, book your tickets now. The bingo/live show part of the night is a total crowd pleaser – the MC is hilarious and the whole show is so well put together, I laughed way more than I have at any comedy club (this may or may not have something to do with the rum and Red Bulls…). There were only two of us and we had a whale of a time, though there were plenty of big groups who also seemed to be livin’ it up so it really is one of those nights that works for whatever you want to do!

What’s the 411?
So, there is actual bingo involved. The main differences are:

the prizes: I don’t want to give too much away but both a disco glitter ball and tickets to LoveBox festival were on the table this time around.
the compere/performers: the MC was literally amazing. Bants on bants on bants. The dancers were on the same level. When they say this is a show, it’s an understatement.
the crowd: FADED.
rebel bingo confetti

The Fine Print
Rebel Bingo is on randomly throughout the year at venues across London (and other cities including New York and Barcelona), so follow them on social media/sign up to the newsletter to be in the know. The next one is on 22nd May at Clapham Grand. It costs £6-16 depending on how far in advance you book, and it always sells out so make sure you get your ticket!

Final Word
I had no idea what to expect from this night but was pleasantly surprised. It’s the kind of night that is so outrageous that I will definitely go again and I know it will be a different experience each time. As the bf said if you don’t enjoy it, there’s definitely something  wrong with you’.


What are your plans for this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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