Working Girl Weekend: Singles Pub Crawl

Working Girl Weekend: Singles Pub Crawl

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As a newly single Londoner, the idea of speed dating fills me with equal parts intrigue and dread. But when Date in a Dash invited me to attend their singles pub crawl, intrigue won! I went with 2 friends for backup – here’s the verdict.

What is it?
Date in a Dash is an events company that has been putting on dating events for over 5 years. Most of their events are traditional speed dating events but they also hold singles pub crawls and lock & key events.

Who is it for?
The events are aimed at professional Londoners and they are held at a range of venues to suit your taste – everywhere from Mahiki to Shaka Zulu. The age range for most events is 20-40 while a few are 20-30.

What’s the 411?
The pub crawl started at Piccadilly Institute. This is perhaps my least favourite club in London so I did not have high hopes…We arrived at around 7pm where we were greeted by our host Rob and a free shot! Rob is a lot of fun – he’s great at introducing people and keeping the energy levels high. As well as free shots, we also had half price drinks – G&T’s were £3 each 😱 The cheap drinks definitely helped to keep the conversation flowing while we waited for everyone to arrive. There was a real mix of people there but it was pretty much what I’ve heard of most speed dating events – the women were mostly young, attractive and in groups while the men were mostly older and came alone. Some of the guys did have pretty good chat but, to be honest, I was more interested in speaking to the other girls 🙈

Once everyone arrived Rob threw out a push up challenge to break the ice – I was the only girl who went for it so I won a free drink (and I beat 2 of the guys 😏) and with the ice well and truly broken we headed to the next bar – Zoo Bar. This is another of my least favourite places in London, mainly because it reminds me of being 18 and thinking I was really cool dancing on the bar (I was not). However, as it was still early in the evening it was actually quite pleasant! We had a group of about 30 of us by this point and pretty much had the room to ourselves. We had another drink here and then headed to Scarlett’s (formerly Verve). It was at this point the night changed slightly. Everyone was a bit tipsy, Verve was actually quite busy and the time to hit the dance floor had apparently arrived. The 3 of us perched on a table and sipped cocktails while everyone else had a boogie – we weren’t quite there yet! But the music was good and there was a fun vibe! The only down side was that the guys were feeling themselves a bit too much by this point (blame it on the alcohol) and weren’t all so good at taking hints 😂

working girl london singles pub crawl

The final venue on the crawl was Luxe, or as we all lovingly know it, Tiger Tiger – a place that holds one too many memories of being a student and thinking that a Jager train is a compulsory start to any good night out (it is not). Here, the drinking and dancing continued but a group of us girls broke away from the main group to explore different rooms (and men). We didn’t stay for too long but I’m sure most of the group danced the night away! I spotted one potential romance brewing but wasn’t there long enough to see if anything came of it!

Overall, we had a fun night and made a couple of new (female) friends. Rob is an excellent host and made sure everyone was having fun throughout the night. In terms of a night out with friends, this is a good alternative to the usual, and provides a good laugh. If you’re actually looking for romance, I’m not sure how much luck you’ll have but then again, is Tinder any better?

The Fine Print
Date in a Dash events are reasonably priced with tickets around the £10 mark. Baring in mind the free shots and drinks offers, it’s a pretty cheap night! There are loads of events to choose from across London so you can definitely find a venue to suit your taste.

Final Word
While it might not be the fail safe way to find Prince Charming, the Date in a Dash pub crawl is a fun and different night out, and will definitely give you something to talk about the next day!    @dateinadash    Facebook