Working Girl Weekend: Summer Roundup

Working Girl Weekend: Summer Roundup

working girl london summer roundup
With summer well and truly on its way out, now is a good time to relive it’s best moments! The summer months offered up a huge selection of fun times to be had in and around London, and this is my top 3.

This year, I went a bit festival mad, attending We Are FSTVL, Wireless and Lovebox. They each had their pros and cons…

working girl london we are fstvl
Space. At no point did the festival feel overcrowded or uncomfortable. Even in the busiest tents I had enough space to get my dance ooooon, which is a real luxury compared to most festivals!
Cost. The tickets are pretty cheap at £45 per day or £75 for the weekend and drinks aren’t too pricey either 

Travel. The festival is in a random field in Essex so you need to get a shuttle bus from Upminster to get there. The buses are arranged by the festival and included in the ticket price which is great but on the way home it’s a nightmare! Not only do you have to queue for ages to get the shuttle bus but you have the added stress of potentially missing the last train from Upminster! You would think that TfL would extend their train service for the weekend…maybe next year!

working girl london wireless festival
Wireless – PROS
Travel. The great thing about London festivals is that they are super easy to get to! Finsbury Park is a great location and means that you can go out for a post-festival dance if you’re up to it 
Atmosphere. I went to Wireless last year and it was super rammed with lots of pushing, shoving and fights. While that was partly down to these idiots breaking in, I was a bit wary this year. They actually pulled it out the bag – there was plenty of space and a chilled vibe, I didn’t see a single fight!

Wireless – CONS
Crowd. The crowd was less angry this year but they were also pretty young. That’s not a huge issue but worth noting
Cost. At just over £70 for a day ticket, Wireless is pricier than We Are. This year Ticketmaster had a two for one offer – had this not been the case I probably wouldn’t have gone.

Lovebox – PROS
Travel. Living 5 minutes away from Victoria Park, it would be rude not to go to Lovebox! This was definitely the least stressful of my festival journeys 
Crowd. Lovebox has an older crowd than Wireless – more people my kind of age (26) so I didn’t feel like a granny 
– Atmosphere. The festival had a fun vibe and seemed a bit more buzzing than the other two, which may have been a consequence of how large the festival is (more on that later)
Cost. At around £50 for day tickets, Lovebox is great value for such a popular festival

Lovebox – CONS
Queues. The festival itself didn’t feel too packed when walking around or at outdoor stages but the queues were insane. In the time that my friends queued for the toilets, I went to the bar to get drinks, went to a different toilet, came back and they were STILL waiting! We also missed out on seeing Kano because he was in an indoor tent and the queues were snaking around the tent 20 minutes before he was even on 
Size. Lovebox is huuuge. To the point where we lost part of our group and didn’t see them again for the rest of the day. We also missed some acts because we spent so long looking for the right stage 

Summary: Overall, Lovebox was definitely my favourite festival of the summer and I can’t wait to go again next year!

Henley Regatta
I love an excuse to get dressed up and watch a sport I have no clue about – don’t you? Last year, I did that at Rugby 7’s…this year I opted for a different type of dressing up! The Henley Royal Regatta is a great day out – it’s nice to get out of London and is also a great excuse for a new dress 😉 We bought a ticket for the Chinawhites enclosure which was being headlined by Roger Sanchez. There are lots of different enclosures to choose from but this looked the most fun and I had heard good things!

working girl london henley regatta
Atmosphere. Whether you’re there for the rowing or there for the party, Henley has a great vibe. The Chinawhites enclosure had a huge outdoor section which felt like a garden party but the tent was definitely more for the party animals than those who want to just chill 😉
Cost. Tickets for the Chinawhite enclosure are only £50 which includes your entrance to Henley to watch the rowing and the Chinawhites afterparty which runs in the tent until midnight. In my opinion this is a bargain, especially in comparison to what some of the other enclosures charge.
Crowd. The crowd was very mixed, with a huge range of ages but everyone was super friendly and we even made a few new friends!

Travel. While Henley is wasy enough to get to by train (direct from Paddington) it has the same problem as We Are FSTVL of leaving before the party stops and racing back to get the last train before it leaves!

Summary: I had a great time at Henley but wished I could have stayed longer! I would love to go again next year and perhaps get an AirBnB so I can enjoy the night right until the lights come on.

Go Ape
Not all summer activities need to involve drinking! Go Ape is a fun activity day suitable for families, couples or groups. There are over 30 locations across the UK and I went to the Battersea Park one with a friend.

working girl london go ape
Levels. There are different difficulty levels you can choose at various points in the course.
Cost. At £35 per adult, Go Ape is pretty good value. It may sound like a lot but I’m sure you’d spend double that on most night’s out…
Teams. Though you receive your briefing and demonstration in groups of 10, you’re not required to complete the course with others. You can go at your own pace in the pair/group you came with, so if you’re feeling anti social there’s no need to worry!

Travel. There are no Go Ape branches in central London, which is a shame. However, the Battersea, Chessington and Trent Park locations are fairly easy to get to.

Summary: Go Ape is a fun day out, and isn’t just for summer! This month, you can get 20% off by booking with code ADSDY

What was your favourite summer activity? Let us know in the comments!

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