#WorkoutWednesday: 80s Aerobics at Frame Shoreditch

#WorkoutWednesday: 80s Aerobics at Frame Shoreditch

frame 80s aerobics class
Though I’m a 90s baby, even I know that sometimes you just can’t beat a good 80s transportation – and isn’t aerobics the most 80s exercise of them all? Frame Shoreditch has taken all the best bits and put them into this upbeat class – here’s the verdict.

The class is exactly what it sounds like – 80s style aerobics moves with 80s music. It’s a cardio class with some dynamic weight work and floor work.

1. Barely broke a sweat
2. Too out of breath to sing along
3. In the zone!
4. Couldn’t move the next day

I have to give this a 4 – I completely underestimated how hard it would be! it was NOT like prancercise!I had images of Prancercise style moves to the sound of Madonna and not a drop of sweat in sight. 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. Even the upbeat sound of Madonna classics couldn’t mask the pain and pressure of this class. The standing cardio moves were super fast and pretty non-stop. If coordination and choreo is not your strong point, it might take you a while to get into it but don’t despair! There is a lot of repetition so you’l get the hang of it. Lunges and squats make an all too frequent appearance in the class with jumps and kicks keeping your heart rate high. Even though the dumbbells are only light the constant movement and the fact that triceps are far from forgotten (which makes a nice yet painful change) makes the arm work pretty tough too. When it was finally time to hit the floor, I was thankful for the rest. Oh wait…there was no rest. My hips were screaming out by the end of the floor section, and my abs were feeling it too. This is the definition of full body work out – no muscle is safe!

Fun Factor:
1. I would rather be in bed
2. Glad I tried it once
3. Such fun!
4. Sign me up now

If girls just wanna have fun, they need to try this class – it’s a 4! 80s aerobics has three main fun factors – the music, the instructor and the moves. The music went from classic MJ to Olivia Newton John telling us to get physical. The songs were upbeat, fun, well known hits that went perfectly with the exercises. The instructor, Lisanne, has a ridiculous amount of energy. Ridiculous! She stayed high energy throughout, kept doing the moves with us (with gusto – no half heartedness), was shouting motivation from start to finish, and included a perfect amount of ‘woo!’s and cheeky poses in the class. Her energy and ability made me push through in parts of the class where I could easily have bailed. Now, the moves. The choreo was fun and carefree – I was a bit shy at first but by the end I was posing and ‘woo!’ing just as loud as Lisanne 👯 Where else can you do cheesy 80s moves like this with full enthusiasm and zero judgement??80s aerobics moves
Overall, this class was a lot of fun and left a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day.

The Fine Print
80s Aerobics is one of many unique classes offered at Frame. For a drop in, it’s £12 or you can get a Frame card (which is a top up pay as you go card) to get the class for £10. The class is also run at the Queen’s Park, King’s Cross and Victoria branches.80s aerobics with lisanne
Final Word
For a full body workout that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time, 80s aerobics is the one 😂 If you’re looking for results and you want them fast, you should add this to your weekly workout plan.

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Have you tried any classes at Frame? What did you think?