#WorkoutWednesday: Chantelle Sports Bra Launch @ Slice Studios

#WorkoutWednesday: Chantelle Sports Bra Launch @ Slice Studios

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When Chantelle invited me both to try out their new sports bra AND take part in a trampoline rebound class, how could I say no?! I went for a fitting at their John Lewis concession and then counted down the days ’til I got to put my made to order new swag to the test. Here’s the verdict!

About Chantelle
Chantelle is a lingerie brand that has traditionally been focused on luxury, sexy women’s underwear. However, they recently spotted a gap in the market – stylish sports bras which actually do their job. And who better to rectify this than a brand that has been supporting women in more ways than one for 130 years. Say goodbye to the S/M/L, cupless, shapeless, no-good-for-running sports bras that get away with it because they have awesome patterns and look so fly. Now we don’t have to choose between support and sass. Chantelle has now launched a limited range of super supportive sports bras, and will continue to launch new designs, support levels and colours – so watch this space!

Now…here’s how myself and a bunch of other bloggers tested the claims that Chantelle makes about their bras. A trampoline rebound class at Slice Studios with the gorgeous Pamela! Slice are well known for their quirky classes – 80s aerobics anyone? – but do the classes lack in difficulty what they have in creativity? The short answer is…heeeeelllll naw.

1. Barely broke a sweat
2. Too out of breath to sing along
3. In the zone!
4. Couldn’t move the next day

This class scores a 4  – Being on a trampoline means that you’re constantly moving, even when you’re resting 😓 and don’t worry, your arms won’t be forgotten about.

trampoline rebound slice studios
While the dumbbells are only light weights, they are used for the majority of the class so your arms don’t get a break either. At least there’s no intense abs because you can’t do abs on a trampoline right? Wrong. We all stupidly thought we were sitting on the edge of our trampettes for a break but no, no – it was time for the abs section. Even as someone who does not sweat much when working out, I can honestly say it was a very sweaty class indeed. Top marks to Pamela who did not give as an easy ride! Forget feeling it the next day, I could feel it climbing the stairs at the tube station on the way home…

trampoline squat @ slice studios

Fun Factor:
1. I would rather be in bed
2. Glad I tried it once
3. Such fun!
4. Sign me up now

It’s a 4 again! To get people coming back for more, a fitness class needs to be as fun as it is difficult, and this class definitely got the balance right. For me, it felt more like a dance class than a fitness class as it had a banging soundtrack and each song had its own specific set of moves, like a mini routine. Looking around the room, everyone was as smiley as they were sweaty, and the pumping music along with Pamela’s encouragement made me push myself that little bit harder. It was definitely a fun class, and so lovely to bump into fellow London bloggers Elle (KeepitsimpELLE) and Natasha (Dance Flow Lift)!

chantelle sports bra fitness bloggers
The Fine Print
Slice Urban Fitness is a short walk from Parsons Green station and runs a variety of classes for all levels. An individual drop in is £12, or newbies can get an intro offer of 8 classes for £40. If you try one slice and you’re hooked, you can get a range of monthly packages, or you can buy a bundle of classes to be used over 6 months.

Did Chantelle pass the test?
When I first put on my Chantelle sports bra I had a moment of clarity – ‘this is what it’s supposed to feel like!’ I tend to choose my sports bras on design and price over practicalities so this was a real eye opener. I felt secure but not uncomfortable, and was at no point worried about doing a Janet Jackson. So, from a practical point of view, I LOVE this product. My only negative is the colours available. I’m a fan of bright colours and patterns so, while the pink one is gorgeous, the current range doesn’t excite me. However, I have been assured that new colours and designs will be added – this is a completely new product for them after all. And once those bolder bras start making an appearance, I’ll be a convert! On a more serious note, for anyone who does a lot of running, gymnastics, or other sports which have our little (or big) friends bobbing around more than we’d like, you need to pay Chantelle a visit asap.

trampoline photo fail!
Failed attempts at the header photo!

Final Word
Trampoline rebounding is genuinely the most fun I’ve had in a fitness class in a long time without losing any of the toughness.
It really is a demanding class but, that said, you can go at your own pace (thank God the trampolines are individual!) – if you’re a beginner or, like me, are working with an injury don’t be put off, just listen to your body and do what you can. I guarantee you’ll leave having worked every bit of your body and having loved every second of it.

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What fitness classes have you tried lately? Or is there a particular brand of sports bra you’re raving about? Let me know in the comments 💪chantelle slice studios fitness blogger launch