#WorkoutWednesday: MoreFit London

#WorkoutWednesday: MoreFit London

lean back

This Workout Wednesday is all about MoreFit London – not just a class or studio but a ‘personal fitness centre’ which helps its members to improve their lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. They have two 1-2-1 personal training studios in London (Finsbury Park and St Paul’s) but I went to try out the small group training sessions held in Cannon Street. Here’s the verdict

1. Barely broke a sweat
2. Too out of breath to sing along
3. In the zone!
4. Couldn’t move the next day

The class scores a 4 – Large group training sessions mean you have others around to compete with and/or to share the pain. 1-2-1 PT sessions mean you get the full attention of the trainer and they can work you to the best of your ability. The great thing about having 3 people in a session (the standard size for MoreFit small group workouts) is that you get both the cameraderie and the focus from the trainer.

 getting out our anger
Each exercise starts as a standard for all three participants, then the trainer gives pointers and alternatives to individuals. For example, during the kettlebell circuits, Kat (trainer for my first session) increased my weight not once but twice (thanks a lot…!) and during floor work, Richard (trainer for my second session) offered alternatives bearing in mind my injured knee. So, because of small class sizes, the trainers work you hard – and they will call you out for not trying!
so heavy!
Fun Factor:
1. I would rather be in bed
2. Glad I tried it once
3. Such fun!
4. Sign me up now
The class gets a 4! I really enjoyed trying out different equipment and exercises I’ve never even seen before (it may just be me but I thought these hoop things were only for gymnasts…) and, as I love a bit of healthy competition, the dynamic of having two other partners in crime was great! A big USP for MoreFit is the fact that they focus on your goals and how they can help you to achieve them. When you sign up as a member, they measure and weigh you, input the stats into an app for you and update them every month. They offer you nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you get what you want, whether that is strength & muscle or just a healthier, more balanced existence!

The Fine Print
MoreFit have a range of fitness and nutrition programmes and memberships to match your goals so, if you want more information, it is best to get in touch with them directly (links below). There is plenty of choice with sessions running throughout the day Monday-Saturday at various locations. To give you an idea of pricing for the group fitness sessions at Cannon Street, they range from £20 to £30 per session depending on how many you purchase. However, as a prospective member you can get two free passes! You can also meet the team and push your limits at FreeFit – a free bootcamp class held outdoors in Finsbury Park every Saturday at 2.30pm.
my 'I exercised too hard' forehead vein making an appearance
Final Word
MoreFit is a great place for anyone with specific health and fitness goals who needs a support structure. The team are friendly and knowledgable, and the classes are unintimidating. Because they run so many sessions each day, there is always plenty of space and the only noise is the amazing music they play (and your muscles screaming at you). No waiting around for machines or having that self conscious feeling of everyone in the gym watching you! Definitely worth a try, and with the two free sessions on offer, you’ve got no excuse.

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