#WorkoutWednesday: Reggae Aerobics

#WorkoutWednesday: Reggae Aerobics

This week, I tried a Reggae Aerobics class. I know this conjures up images of moving dazily to chill out music (joint in hand optional) so to set the scene more accurately, it should really be called Dancehall Aerobics – there’s definitely more than just jammin’ in this class! Here’s my verdict.

1. Barely broke a sweat
2. Too out of breath to sing along
3. In the zone!
4. Couldn’t move the next day

The class scores a 3 – this is a high energy class with a difference! It is without doubt a solid cardio sesh but also works out your thighs and arms. A few of the moves have a beginner level and advanced level to ensure everyone can join in. If you know me, you know I love a challenge so no points for guessing which option I went for everytime – my body is not thanking me for it now…

Fun Factor:
1. I would rather be in bed
2. Glad I tried it once
3. Such fun!
4. Sign me up now

Jah Rastafari, it’s a 4! – it was just like dancing the night away in your favourite club minus the pervy men and losing all your friends. Oh, and the alcohol (sorry). Chrystle, the instructor, brought out the inner Jamaican siren in us all – or at least made us feel that way. Whether we looked as cool as we felt is another matter.

The Fine Print
Classes are on Monday evenings at LA Fitness West End & Wednesday lunchtimes at Coram Fields. A single class is £8.50 in advance or £10 on the door but you can also buy class passes to save some pennies.

Final Word
I LOVE this class! It’s so much fun that you only realise how tired you are once you stop. The class has a great atmosphere and I will certainly be taking some of the moves I’ve learned with me to the dancefloor. For more info and to book, get in touch below.

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